Journal Index of Articles

We frequently receive inquiries as to which issue of the Journal a particular article appears in. While we don’t currently have an online archive of past issues, we have posted an index of articles by year and issue.

20124626Notes from Japan: The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of apprenticeship Owen Reich
201246213Tips and Techniques: Prebonsai multitaskingJulian Adams
201246214Making a potByron Myrick
201246217Penjing / bonsai – Part 11David W. Fukumoto
201246222Trash to treasure: Bonsai-a-thon BougainvilleaCheryl Manning
201246226Records from the bonsai benchRandy Davis
201246230ABS – proposed bylaw changesnot listed
201246236ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20124636From rough to refined: The trials, tribulations, and triumphs of apprenticeship Ryan Neil
201246310Best new bonsai talent of North America in 2012John Wiessinger
201246313Tips and Techniques: Falling fears revisitedJulian Adams
201246314Glazes on potsByron Myrick
201246317Serissa panoramic landscapes and small bonsaiDavid W. Fukumoto
201246320Book review: Fine Bonsai: Art & NatureBob King
201246321Willow leaf fig nomenclatureIris Cohen
201246322Trash to treasure: A tale of two contestsCheryl Manning
201246326Records from the bonsai benchRandy Davis
201246329The National Bonsai and Penjing Museum’s Japanese pavilionJack Sustic
201246332ABS Journal 2012 indexn/a
201246334ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20124646Notes from Japan: Taming the wild mountain cherryOwen Reich
201246414Pots made of clayByron Myrick
201246417Tips and Techniques: Wound healingJulian Adams
201246418Visions of the American Westnot listed
201246420A winter showErnie Colclasure
201246422Trash to treasure: Double digit donationCheryl Manning
201246426Records from the bonsai benchRandy Davis
201246430Penjing / bonsai pre-training basicsDavid W. Fukumoto
201246436ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20134716Regional bonsai care: Horticultural challengesCheryl Sykora
20134711650 years and counting – Bill ValavanisJohn Wiessinger
201347119Tips and TechniquesJulian Adams
201347120Becoming a bonsai professionalRyan Neil
201347124Trash to treasure: Time after timeCheryl Manning
201347130Basic branch anatomyCat Nelson
201347136“…Chuhin or Kifu…??”Mauro Stemberger
201347142Care for the winter seasonMas Imazumi
201347144ABStracts / Showtimen/a
201347147ABS Journal index – 2013n/a
20134726Last minute changeVáclav Novák
201347212Bonsai potsByron Myrick
201347216Records from the bonsai benchRandy Davis
201347219Tips and TechniquesJulian Adams
201347220Trash to treasure: Pesto pineCheryl Manning
201347226Root development in bonsaiCat Nelson
201347230Bonsai summer attractionsMas Imazumi
201347232ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20134736Designer figsHank Miller
201347312A maker of bonsai potsByron Myrick
201347318Tips and TechniquesJulian Adams
201347320Ficus salicariaDave Bogan
201347324Records from the bonsai benchRandy Davis
201347326Trash to treasure: No wanna nanaCheryl Manning
201347332Trunk anatomyCat Nelson
201347338White cedar bonsai – how old are they?Dean Bull
201347342A Fall potpourriMas Imazumi
201347344ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20134746Bonsai competitionRyan Neil
201347410“Reverse snowbird” ficusMichael Pollock
201347413Tips and Techniques – Bark preservationJulian Adams
201347414Mugo pineMauro Stemberger
201347419Firing potsByron Myrick
201347422Trash to treasure: Lonely oakCheryl Manning
201347426Records from the bonsai benchRandy Davis
201347429Finding sprucehallaAndy Smith
201347434ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20144816Regional bonsai care – A focus on the technique of carvingCheryl Sykora
201448118Tips and TechniquesJulian Adams
201448120John Naka award winners – 2013not listed
201448126Trash to treasure: Number two, but never second rateCheryl Manning
201448132The evolution of a really great bonsai showCheryl Sykora
201448136Baobabs as bonsaiHank Miller & Duncan Wiles
201448141ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20144826Regional bonsai care: Horticultural challenges, Part twoCheryl Sykora
201448214Best new bonsai talentJohn Wiessinger
201448218Tips and TechniquesJulian Adams
201448220Refining fused trunk figsHank Miller
201448224Trash to treasure: John Naka’s umeCheryl Manning
201448230Choosing quality bonsai materialOwen Reich
20144823696+ and still collectingCheryl Sykora
201448240The budding bonsai of SpringMas Imazumi
201448242ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20144836John Naka’s storyLarry and Nina Ragle
20144838From grandfather to grandchildCheryl Manning
201448318John Naka’s gift of “Goshin”Felix Laughlin
201448320Gallery – John Naka treesJack Sustic and David DeGroot
201448330My memories of Goshin I, II and IIIJack Sustic
201448336John Naka’s DragonDavid W. Fukumoto
201448338Goshin – Protector of the spiritCheryl Manning
201448342ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20144846Regional bonsai care: The search for the perfect bonsai soilCheryl Sykora
201448418Water retention and drainage in bonsai soilBrian Heltsley
201448427Tips and TechniquesJulian Adams
201448428Non-traditional bonsai potsBryon Myrick
201448436“Extreme” bending of a straight trunked one-seed juniperFrank Harris
201448442Fearless? Or foolish?Lew Buller
201448444ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20154916Regional bonsai care: The search for the perfect bonsai soil – Part twoCheryl Sykora
201549118Tuning soil recipes for water retention and drainageBrian Heltsley
201549120Bonsai from the wild: The dangers of collectionDan Wiederrecht
201549126Trash to treasure: Pear-fectionCheryl Manning
201549132Tips and TechniquesJulian Adams
2015491342014 ABS / GSBF Convention – NTS resultsCheryl Sykora / Dave Hodgetts
201549143ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20154922Regional bonsai care: The state of bonsai technical training in the United StatesCheryl Sykora
201549226Trash to treasure: Demonstration continuationCheryl Manning
201549233Tips and Techniques – Look in the mirrorJulian Adams
201549234Tea timeChris Baker
201549238ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20154936Double Rocky Mountain juniperMauro Stemberger
201549314Taking a stand…Austin Heitzman
201549318And a good time was had by allCheryl Sykora and Helene Magruder
201549326Trash to treasure: Rehabilitating a rejectCheryl Manning
201549333Tips and Techniques – Winter waterJulian Adams
201549334Michael Ryan Bell – Confessions of a pot geekBryon Myrick
201549338ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20154946Regional bonsai care: The nuances of growing six different speciesCheryl Sykora
201549420Newest acquisition of the Pacific Bonsai MuseumRyan Neil & Aarin Packard
201549426Trash to treasure: San Jose situationCheryl Manning
201549431Tips and Techniques – Persistence and rememberingJulian Adams
201549434The bonsai beginner’s courseBob King
201549436ABS Learning Seminars 2016n/a
201549440ABStracts / Showtimen/a
201549444ABS Journal index – 2015n/a
20165016Regional bonsai care: The path to the Artisan’s CupCheryl Sykora
201650122Pinus monticola meets Matt ReelEric Schrader
201650128Trash to treasure: Mr. California Juniper’s juniperCheryl Manning
201650135Tips and Techniques – The root of it allJulian Adams
201650136Bierley’s bonsai woodlotJohn Wiessenger
201650138ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20165026Regional bonsai care: Demystifying bonsai health and safetyCheryl Sykora
201650214The Artisan’s Cup: A borrowed reflection and the retrospectiveBob King
201650220Lone pineRob Kempinski
201650228Baroque but not brokeAustin Heitzman
201650235Tips and Techniques – Wound protectionJulian Adams
201650238ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20165036Regional bonsai care: Bonsai material selection, Part 1Cheryl Sykora
201650314Refining a Japanese black pineJonas Dupuich
201650322Dealing with severe reverse taperRob Kempinski
201650328Kusamono workshopYoung Choe and Bob King
201650334Jamaican ebony, Brya ebonusHiram Macias
201650336Tips and Techniques – Change is constantJulian Adams
201650339ABStracts / Showtime – 2016 Joshua Roth – ABS New Talent Contestn/a
20165046Regional bonsai care: Bonsai material selection, Part 2Cheryl Sykora
201650414Exposed root bonsai Jerry Meislik
201650422Andy’s treesJohn Wiessenger
201650428Live edge landscapesAustin Heitzman
201650432Dwarf bucida spinosaHiram Macias
201650434Tips and Techniques – One step at a timeJulian Adams
201650436ABS award winners – 5th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibitionn/a
201650439ABStracts / Showtimen/a
201650443ABS Journal index – 2016n/a
20175116History of the ABS and bonsai in America Part 1: 1800’s through 1967Doug Hawley
201751120Another shohin joins the clubRob Kempinski
201751126How well do LEDs work for growing bonsai trees?Cheryl Sykora
201751136Tips and Techniques – Old dogsJulian Adams
201751138The artistic creation of a bonsai treeHiram Macias
201751143ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20175126Celebrating fifty years, Part 2: A brief history of the American Bonsai SocietyDave Hodgetts
201751212Regional bonsai care: Developing spruce as bonsaiCheryl Sykora
201751224Soil concepts Part One – The inside scoopDr. Scott Alan Barboza
201751228Mas Imazumi – Bay area bonsai masterAarin Packard
201751234Dwarf Scots pine American Bonsai Society Award of MeritWilliam N. Valavanis
201751236Tips and Techniques – The male flower dilemmaJulian Adams
201751238Master of wire bonsai sculpturesBarbara Bogan
201751243ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20175136Celebrating fifty years, Part 3: Evolution of bonsai styleDoug Hawley
201751318Regional bonsai care: The issue of legacy in bonsaiCheryl Sykora
201751324When calamity strikes – An apex is saved on this Buddhist pineRob Kempinski
201751330Soil concepts Part Two – Between the grainsDr. Scott Alan Barboza
201751336The Parrot’s Beak Gmelina phileppensisHiram Macias
201751340An ABS lifetime member rememberedCat Nelson
201751342Tips and Techniques – Timing is everything, sometimesJulian Adams
20175146Celebrating fifty years, Part 4: The future of bonsai in North AmericaKaren Harkaway
201751412Regional bonsai care: Native oaks as bonsaiCheryl Sykora
201751426An investment in knowledgeAndrew Robson
201751428Soil concepts Part Three – The Tao of wateringDr. Scott Alan Barboza
201751434Tips and Techniques – The spirit, not the letterJulian Adams
2017514362017 Joshua Roth – ABS New Talent ContestDave Hodgetts
201751440ABStracts / Showtimen/a
201751444ABS Journal index – 2017n/a
20185216Regional bonsai care: Ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa, as a bonsaiCheryl Sykora
201852120Soil concepts Part Four – What’s behind the curtain?Dr. Scott Alan Barboza
201852126Mirai LiveArthur Hitchcock & Kendall Strautman
2018521305th Silhouette Bonsai ExpoKaren Harkaway
201852132Form and functionAustin Heitzman
201852136Tips and Techniques – Aluminum or copperJulian Adams
201852138Wicky leaks, a tool for vibrant bonsaiDean Bull
20185226Thinking outside the potRob Kempinski
201852214American bonsai, the defining momentnot listed
201852220This happened to an English oakCyril Grum & Jack Wikle
201852226A modest proposal for keeping bonsai cooler in hot weatherEdward Stanton
201852230Coffin tree, the development of a collected Sierra juniperJeremiah Lee
201852232It all started in the carJack Douthitt
201852238Tips and Techniques – New bonsai tool?Julian Adams
201852239ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20185236Bonsai regional careCheryl Sykora
201852320Grafting juniper bonsaiBjorn Bjorholm & Oscar Jonker, Bonsai Empire
201852326The escambronHiram Macias
201852330What chop?Gene Deci
201852336Tips and Techniques – WeedsJulian Adams
201852338Keeping your bonsai trees coolRonald E. Fraley
201852342A fifteen tree bald cypress forestPhilip Krieg
20185246Bonsai in America or American bonsai?Saimir Ogranaja
201852418Everyday reverence: Architecture, bonsai, and the LABK. W. Fox
201852426The gentleman of bonsaiHiram Macias
201852430Building a rockCheryl Sykora
201852434Gateway to bonsaiKaren Harkaway
201852436Tips and Techniques – The peril of seedsJulian Adams
201852438Photo essay: A walk in the woodsBrian Heltsley
201852444ABS Journal index – 2018n/a
20195316Regional bonsai care: Learning bonsai through professionally led workshops – an alternative to “intensive style” trainingCheryl Sykora
201953122Styling a juniper shohin bonsai from raw materialMorten Albek and Bonsai Empire
201953126An interview with my brother, Toby DiazHiram Macias
201953132Tips and Techniques – Pine patienceJulian R. Adams
201953134A new chapter – Eisei-en Bonsai GardenBjorn Bjorholm
201953140Squared CircleEli Akens
20195326Regional bonsai care: Thuja species and Cupressus nootkatensis – Exploration as species for bonsai cultureCheryl Sykora
201953226An interview with Jarbas GodoyHiram Macias
201953230Tips and Techniques – Grow with your treesJulian R. Adams
201953232Vine maples – A local treasureAndrew Robson
201953236Two Americans show their wares: 44th Gafu-ten pottery exhibitRoy Minarai & Stacy Allen Muse
201953242ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20195336An architect in the audience: A review of the LAB Sessions 1 & 2 and a preview of Session 3 & 4Stephanie Wascha, AIA
201953314Blending of old and newAustin Heitzman
201953318Too hot to handle! Further experiments on the solar heating of soil in bonsai potsBrian Heltsley & John Wiessinger
201953326Tips and Techniques – Where the sap flowsJulian R. Adams
201953328Investing in deciduousAndrew Robson
201953334An interview with Mary Madison – “The Buttonwood Queen”Hiram Macias
201953338Advanced Bonsai Course 2: A review of a new online course from Bonsai EmpireBob King
201953340ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20195346Regional bonsai care: Bald cypress and pond cypress as bonsaiCheryl Sykora
2019534222019 Joshua Roth New Talent CompetitionAlexander Hoffman
201953426Tips and Techniques – Aphid controlJulian Adams
201953428Report from the LAB Session 3: Breaking the bounds of bonsai with interdisciplinary designersKatherine Wimble Fox
201953434American Bonsai Society 2019 National Convention: Bonsai on the BayouPete Parker and Cheryl Sykora
201953440ABStracts / Showtimen/a
201953441ABS Journal index – 2019n/a
20205416Making trees from the ground up – Strategies for long-term development of bonsai from seed or cutting Jonas Dupuich
202054120Creation of a standDavid McPeters & Dan Kingery
202054126Tips and Techniques – In a potJulian R. Adams
202054128Winter work – Four steps to up your deciduous gameAndrew Robson
202054132Photo essay: A walk in the woods – Oceanside inspirationBrian Heltsley
202054136Online deciduous course – A review of a new course from Bonsai EmpireBob King
202054138Revisiting a cover photograph – Tim Priest’s shimpaku progressionnot listed
202054140ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20205426Dwight Way Japanese black pineDr. Scott Alan Barboza
202054218I’m a sculpture, not a potterJan Rentenaar
202054224The Little Book of Bonsai – A new resource by Jonas DupuichBob King
202054226Tips and Techniques – No substitute for timeJulian R. Adams
202054228Al Soares – Satsuki certified bonsai instructorHiram Macias
202054232Online coniferous course – A review of another new course from Bonsai EmpireBob King
202054234Reprint of regional bonsai care – 2008 Volume 42 Number 1 – Bonsai pestsDoug Hawley and Tom McCormack
202054242ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20205436Creating a shohin itoigawa juniper – A six year development process from a cuttingMark Fields
202054312Windswept Whidbey IslandCat Nelson
202054318Tips and Techniques – Light is lifeJulian R. Adams
202054320Shore pine saikei – From the Pacific Bonsai Quarterly, Spring 2020Katherine Wimble Fox
202054330Saikei for bonsai growers – A reprint of an article from 1976 ABS Journal – Volume 10 Number 2Dorothy S. Young
202054334Masahiko Kimura – Masterclass – Review of a new online video course from Bonsai EmpireBob King
20205446The tale of two maples – Fall / Winter work2021
202054414Grafting Japanese black pineMark Fields
202054420Tips and Techniques – Interesting differencesJulian R. Adams
202054422Reckoning with racism in the history of American bonsaiKatherine Wimble Fox and Aarin Packard
202054430Bonsai potteryBryon Myrick
202054436Against all oddsLarry Benjamin
202054439ABS Journal index – 2020n/a
20215516Regional bonsai care: Elements for successfully growing trees outside their traditional zonesCheryl Sykora
202155118Pre-flush pruning – Taking advantage of stored energyTodd Schlafer
202155124Tips and Techniques – Pine flower problemJulian R. Adams
202155126The fifth business: Layers – Making art and life more meaningfulVicki Chamberlain
202155132Prunus mume – Propagation from hardwood cuttingsFrank Corrigan
20215526Advanced repotting techniques – The first potting of a yamadori Douglas firTodd Schlafer
202155216Japanese maples – Early Spring tasks – Taking advantage of a new growth cycleBob King & Andrew Robson
202155226Tips and Techniques – Guy wire anchorJulian R. Adams
202155228Bonsai clubs in the face of a pandemic – How three clubs are handling this extraordinary timeDan Wiederrecht
202155234Freeing bonsai from bonsai – Questioning tradition and exploring creative collaborations at the Lab Session 4Katherine Wimble Fox
20215536Regional bonsai care: Vast AmericaDr. Alexander M. Hoffman
202155318Japanese maples – Summer tasks – Hiccups and challenges with unseasonal weatherBob King & Andrew Robson
202155324Tips and Techniques – Princess persimmon fruitJulian R. Adams
202155326Post-flush pruning – Summer work on a Colorado blue spruceTodd Schlafer
202155334Gender disparity in American bonsaiSamantha Holm
20215546Bonsai pot selection – Part 1Jonas Dupuich
202155416The master’s eyeMartin Klein, Sc.D.
202155420Tips and Techniques – Disappearing soilJulian R. Adams
202155422Douglas fir, Pseudotsuga menzeisii – Following the structural work on a unique collected treeTodd Schlafer
202155430Moss for bonsaiCat Nelson
202155438ABS Journal index – 2021n/a
20225616Bonsai pot selection – Part 2Jonas Dupuich
202256116An interview with Todd SchlaferBob King
202256120Tips and Techniques – Details, details, detailsJulian R. Adams
202256122Japanese maple – A year later – A review of the last year’s work and a plan for the futureBob King & Andrew Robson
202256128Live oak style bonsai using Kingsville boxwoodPete Parker & Rodney Clemons
202256136Mary Madison – Reflections on a wonderful bonsai journeyEd Trout
20225626Branch development on broadleaf deciduous trees: A Texas cedar elm case studyDr. Scott Alan Barboza & Boonyarat Manakitivipart
202256220Tips and Techniques – Air layering tipJulian R. Adams
202256222Connecting to the past: An emerging potter from the Pacific NorthwestNao Tokutake
202256228Jack Wikle: A 66 year bonsai journey
20225636Mid-Atlantic Spring Festival 2022 “All American Bonsai”Cat Nelson
202256316On the coverKris Springer
202256320Tips and Techniques – Check againJulian R. Adams
202256322Developing exposed root bonsaiEric Schrader & Bob King
202256331An alternative to repotting – From: Satsuki Azalea Bonsai: A Fundamental StudyRick Garcia
202256339ABStracts / Showtimen/a
20225646Mile High Bonsai – The 2023 ABS Learning SeminarPete Parker and David McPeters
202256414Tips and Techniques – Size is a design elementJulian R. Adams
202256416“You see anything that needs to go?”Interview by Harold Johnson
202256420ABS Award of Merit, Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Exhibit, ChicagoCat Nelson
202256422Pauline Muth tributeBrandon Herwick and Karen Harkaway
202256427On the cover – collected Douglas FirTim Priest
202256428Bonsai Intermediate Course 2Oscar Jonker and Cat Nelson
202256432Beauty and beyondJack Wikle
2022564392022 Index of articlen/a
20235718On the cover – Satsuki azalea ‘Kaho’Cat Nelson
202357112Tips and Techniques – Wiring thoughtsJulian Adams
202357114Little trees, big impact – the 10th anniversary of the Matthaei Botanical Gardens’ outdoor bonsai display gardenCat Nelson
202357126An interview with Jim Doyle of Nature’s Way NurseryCat Nelson
202357132Late Winter ideasRoss Clark
202357134In Memorandum – Martin Schmalenberg, February 19, 1950 – November 17, 2022Amy Bridge
20235728Tips and Techniques – Picture your treeJulian Adams
202357210A new era of bonsai unfolds at Longwood GardensKevin Beiliki, Bonsai Curator at Longwood Gardens
202357222Developing bonsai from seed – Online course: Presented by, featuring Bjorn Bjorholm and Michael HagedornReview by Cat Nelson
202357228Good bonsai takes time – Penjing vs. bonsaiJulian Tsai
202357234ABStracts – Why did my tree die?Jack Wikle
20235738Tips and Techniques – More on seedsJulian Adams
202357310Mile High Bonsai ABS Learning Seminars 2023Pete Parker and David McPeters
202357324Superfly Bonsai new talent contest – In conjunction with the 2023 ABS Learning SeminarDan White
202357330An interview with Suthin SukosolvisitHoward and Sylvia Smith
202357334How old is bonsai anyway?Walter J. Scott
20235748Tips and Techniques – There is a seasonJulian Adams
202357410Tiny trees on the Trinity Lone Star Bonsai Federation – Fort Worth, TX 2023
202357420Deciduous branch developmentJulian Tsai
202357430Bonsai as fine artChris Pazoles & Felix Laughlin

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