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There are dozens of bonsai clubs across the United States to help you on your bonsai journey.

Joshua Roth / ABS New Talent Contest

Any person living in North America is eligible, provided he or she has been involved with the art of bonsai for fewer than 10 years.

ABS Learning Seminars 2024

Keep your caledar open for the ABS 2024 Learning Seminars, May 9-12 in Grand Rapids, MI!

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Karen Harkaway


Dr Karen Harkaway, a practicing dermatologist, began her bonsai journey about 15 years ago, when she began studying with Chase Rosade…

Rob Hoffman


I have been a carpenter since 2003. Working on all types of large buildings. I was born with club feet, which always left me in pain. I ended up having my right leg amputated because of said pain…

Joe Graviss


Joe Graviss is a retired Certified Public Accountant, businessman, civic entrepreneur, and state legislator. He and his wife live on a small farm in Kentucky.

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The American Bonsai Society is here to help you learn and grow on your bonsai journey.


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