ABS Learning Seminars

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American Bonsai Society
Learning Seminars 2024

May 9-12,2024

Grand Rapids, MI

A can’t miss event for all bonsai enthusiasts!

Join us in Grand Rapids, Michigan as we gather for this enriching event, surrounded by the artistry of miniature trees. Embark on a journey of discovery and growth in the world of bonsai. Our seminars, demonstrations, and workshops bring together enthusiasts, experts, and novices alike, creating a vibrant community committed to the art of cultivating these living masterpieces.


Enriching Seminars
Join us as we delve into the roots of bonsai, exploring the rich history and cultural significance behind this ancient practice. Discover the transformative power of cultivating small wonders and the inspiration it brings to our lives.


Workshop Sessions

Engage in hands-on workshops led by seasoned bonsai artists. Learn the delicate techniques of pruning, wiring, and styling to shape your bonsai into a unique expression of your vision. From classic styles to innovative designs, these sessions promise to elevate your skills.


Artistry in Nature: Bonsai Exhibition
Marvel at the beauty of bonsai creations displayed in our exhibition. Each tree tells a story of patience, dedication, and the harmonious balance between nature and art. Explore the diverse interpretations of bonsai, from traditional Japanese styles to contemporary expressions.


Educational Events: Bonsai in Focus
Participate in educational lectures and demonstrations where experts share their insights on specific bonsai species, techniques, and challenges. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, these sessions offer a wealth of knowledge to deepen your understanding of bonsai cultivation.


Community Bonsai Exchange
Connect with fellow enthusiasts in our bonsai exchange area. Swap stories, tips, and even small cuttings to foster a sense of community. Bonsai is not just an art form; it’s a shared passion that brings people together.


Growing Together
Join us in celebrating the growth of our skills, friendships, and the shared love for bonsai. Reflect on the knowledge gained and leave with a renewed enthusiasm for nurturing these living works of art.


Thank you for being a part of the 2024 American Bonsai Society Learning Seminars. May your bonsai journey continue to flourish and inspire for years to come!

New to bonsai? We're offering a special Beginner Bonsai Workshop for couples at the Learning Seminars!

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