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American Bonsai Society

ABS was founded in 1967 by motivated people who wanted a North American society that would cater to the needs of the individual. The founders wanted an organization that was a source of information, advice, supplies and material about this horticultural form and hobby.

Today, you can join this group! Membership in the American Bonsai Society will put you in a select group of people excited about the bonsai art form and hobby.

Our flagship publication, BONSAI: The Journal of the American Bonsai Society continues to strive to become the finest magazine dedicated to the art of Bonsai. Four issues per year are crammed with informative articles written by North American bonsai authors for bonsai beginners as well as those with more bonsai experience.

The American Bonsai Society is an association of individuals dedicated to promoting an interest in the art of bonsai. Through its publications, symposia and other educational activities, ABS supports the development of bonsai styling and production techniques that reflect the diverse personality of North America and encourages the use of plant species indigenous or best suited for bonsai in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Standing Committees

The American Bonsai Society (ABS) establishes standing committees as integral components of its organizational structure. These committees serve specific functions and play essential roles in advancing the society’s mission. Standing committees within the ABS are typically formed to address key aspects such as education, outreach, events, publications, and member engagement. By having standing committees, the ABS ensures a focused and systematic approach to various facets of bonsai cultivation, education, and community involvement. This structured framework allows the society to effectively carry out its objectives, foster collaboration among members, and contribute to the overall growth and development of the art of bonsai within the American bonsai community.


If you are interested in volunteering on one of these committees, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

Advertising Committee – Responsible for procuring advertisers for the journal as well as soliciting sponsorships for the journal and potentially other activities (such as Learning Seminars).  Communicating with Journal Editor and Treasurer about such ads and sponsorships.

Finance Committee – reporting to the board about ABS finances, overseeing the monthly financial activities and reporting requirements including QuickBooks and the annual form 990, analyzing cash flow, bank statements, and ABS obligations. Reviewing any opportunities related to revenue and expenses including any grant making or receiving opportunities and reporting same to board.

Learning Seminars Committee – Plans and partners with local groups for the yearly LS convention.  Responsible for financial oversight, program development, site selection and all other details for the convention in partnership with the local group.

Membership Committee – Responsible for growing ABS in terms of number of members.  Figuring out membership levels, benefits, and dues.

New Talent Committee – Responsible for promoting, planning and executing the annual New Talent Contest held at the Learning Seminars yearly.

Nominating Committee – Responsible for recruiting new members willing to serve on the ABS board.

Online Committee – Responsible for Website and all social media content put out by ABS.  Maintaining an appropriate presence online.

Publishing Committee –  The Publishing Committee’s main objective is to assist the Editorial Staff to obtain publishable material (primarily for the Journal) and to find authors, editors and new members for the Publishing Committee.  The Editorial Staff is responsible for the publishing the monthly newsletter and the quarterly Journal.  The Editorial Staff consists of (1) the Journal Editor and Assistant Journal Editors; and (2) the Newsletter Editor and Assistant Newsletter Editors.  Members of the Editorial Staff are members of the Publishing Committee.  The Publishing Committee is Co-chaired by the Journal Editor and the Newsletter Editor.


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