Journal Article Submission

ABS Journal Guidelines:  The American Bonsai Society welcomes contributions to its Journal. We are particularly interested in articles that focus on specific topics that relate to the development and refinement of bonsai; articles by or about young, up and coming artists that may not be well known beyond a restricted geographic area; interviews with longterm practitioners who have a historical perspective that should be preserved for the benefit of the bonsai community (particularly, we want to capture valuable reminiscence, with the idea that these may be collected, at some future time, into a separate publication); articles about public collections (including smaller ones that are little known outside their immediate geographic area); private collections of historical value; articles about bonsai in relationship to the broader fine arts context, especially unusual exhibitions and displays; articles about native material; and any other subject that may be of interest to our membership.  There are no word length restrictions.  
ABS Journal Photo Requirements:  Photographs that accompany the article should be submitted as either JPG or TIFF files at 300 dpi resolution for an 8 x 10 inch image. Illustrations should be submitted as JPG or PDF format. Photographs or illustrations that are too large to send by email can be sent via DropBox. 
About the editorial process:  Once you submit an article, it is assigned to an editor.  The editor reviews the article and makes editorial suggestions.  Edits must be approved by the author prior to publication – that is to say, this is your work and we want it to remain your work.  The editors are here to assist authors in taking their work to the highest level.
Submission Deadlines: 
January 15
April 15
July 15
September 15

Send to:
Susan Daufeldt, Journal editor

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